Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome Spring!!!!

Hello there to all of my blogger friends!! I know, it's been way too long, but I've had a ton of things going on in my life. For one, I am now divorced and will be moving from my nice home. I am a bit upset about this, but everyone keeps reminding me that it is a step in my future. I will put some pictures on soon of the new place. My computer is still down, but will hopefully be back up and running soon.

I also want to say Congratulations to Jimmy and Diane and their family!!!! We have a new baby!! Madilynn has blessed us with her arrival. She is precious! Can't wait to love her.

Jackson is 3 years old now. We didn't have his birthday yet because of me moving, so I will be planning a party soon. He is amazing and growing more and more everyday. He is talking a mile a minute and he cracks us up!! I plan on sending him to pre-school in the fall.

I am also enjoying my job. I am at Central in the pre-school. It has been a great year and I have grown so close to all my kids. We have 20 three and four year olds!!!! I am definitely ready for summer though. You can't beat the 3 months off!!

I will post again soon. I promise. Hope this finds everyone well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jackson loved putting the flags out for the 4th this year.

My flowers are so pretty this year. Since we had to take our trees down last year due to Ike coming through, we have soooo much more sun. I was able to plant lots of color.

Jackson, my little fish.

Swimming at Mowmaw Mary's


Swimming at Mowmaw and Grandad's

For anyone who needs a good floaty, this thing is fantastic!!! I had a bodysuit for him and it rubbed his chin raw. Mary found this at Wal-mart in the sporting goods section. It is approved for a boat lifevest. He loves it and swims like a fish.
Jackson and Mama under the diving board. He loves to go to the deep end.